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One solution for your entire team CRM is a flexible and complete solution for supporting your sales team and helping you collaborate more efficiently. From lead to deal, every facet of your sales process can be tracked the way you want. Thanks to the flexibility, you can configure it according to your own needs.
Without the high upfront costs.

Manage your leads efficiently

Simply create your own lead forms and then let your leads automatically enter your CRM from your website and other channels. Streamline your lead flow to kick-start your sales process. Connect your sales@ inbox to Monday and let your sales team pick up these leads quickly..

Advanced contact management

Create the ultimate sales cockpit and centralize data from various sources so you're always up to date on what's going on. Think of finance, project progress, renewals, customer value and much more.

Centralize all your touchpoints in one place in a timeline, via phone, mail, Zoom, or other activities. Regardless of who the contact is with. Easily create custom activities yourself. Zoom meetings? These appear automatically in the timeline.

Keep an overview of your opportunities

Manage your pipeline the way you want and see who the best performers are at a glance. If your sales process changes, Monday CRM changes quickly and easily with you. Due to the flexible structure, monday adapts to your process!
Monday crm opportunities and deals

Always up to date

Never miss a forecast thanks to the advanced forecasting features in Monday CRM. See at a glance how long deals have been in the pipeline and pipeline phase.

Create dashboards to quickly and easily measure KPIs and walk through the 1:1's with your team members.

Sales Operations

Monday's flexible structure ensures that, in addition to the “standard” CRM matters, you can also manage sales operations. Think of target setting, legal & security collaborations, deal desk, headcount planning, onboarding new team members and much more.

In addition, there is the valuable opportunity to create a place directly in the CRM where all useful sales information can be found centrally for everyone, including version control.

Monday is your sales CRM on steroids.
Monday CRM Sales operations

Sales Analytics

All the data in your CRM can be visualized how you want. This means that you always have the right management or personal dashboard at hand, including underlying data. Your data, your way.

Never miss out on sales opportunities and see trends so you can make adjustments.

Work more efficiently by automating important and recurring steps

Simplify your sales process by automating recurring actions. Make sure everyone is aware of important information on time and close more deals!

Integrate monday with your existing tools

All communications in one central location

Communicate efficiently with all your contacts thanks to the integration with your email. Automatically log your sent emails, stay up to date with all interactions, and use personalized email templates to save time.

Also, record all internal communication, so that everyone in your team is always up to date.

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The sales studio specializes in combining sales and softwares. As an official partner, we offer an optimal mix of knowledge and expertise to make optimal use of CRM within your organization.

Learn how we can transform your organization with an optimized setup. Improving your workflows and supporting the onboarding of the various teams. onboarding

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